"I am a single mother of two beautiful children. I am bilingual, I speak and write English and Spanish fluently.  I represent my clients in both English and Spanish. I am a first-generation U.S. Citizen and proud of my immigrant parents and their accomplishments. I embrace my culture and background, but more importantly, my Conservative Values that came from being raised in a Latin-American Catholic Household. After receiving a  full scholarship from The Ewing Kauffman Foundation in Kansas City, I moved to the Great State of Texas where my children were born and raised".

I moved to Texas in 1995 when I attended TCC, then known as TCJC, where I graduated with Honors and obtained my Associate of Arts. I attended TCU where I graduated with High Honors and received my Bachelor of Arts in Political Science and minored in Psychology and Religion.  I started Law School as a night student at  Texas Wesleyan School of Law when my son was six-months old.  He is now 21 years old.  
I opened my practice immediately after passing the Texas Bar Exam.  One of my proudest moments was when I was sworn in by a Tarrant County Family Law Judge right before my first court hearing. I have since been a solo family law practitioner for over 15 years.  I have been a qualified family law mediator for over 15 years. I mediate cases most afternoons when I am not in hearings representing my clients.  I have a thriving, successful family law practice and family mediation practice.  As a family law litigator, I advocate for my clients with compassion and patience.  I understand how important family values are and how difficult ending a relationship can be on my clients and their children.  As a family law mediator, I listen to both sides, (sometimes three or four sides) of all parties and assist them in settling their issues with a final agreement.  Most family law cases end in mediation.  In order to properly mediate a case, one must have a very detailed understanding of the law.


"Throughout my years in solo practice, I have remained a student of the law and a mentor to my younger colleagues.  My fellow family law practitioners have been very supportive in my endeavor to run for this family law bench.  Overall, I have the experience, dedication, and temperament necessary to be the next 324th Judicial District Court Judge.


"This is an "open bench" as the incumbent is retiring. This Court is about our Tarrant County citizens finding justice. Tarrant County needs a Judge who will follow the law as it is written in any and every circumstance and with any and all sets of facts. It is important to make the right choice to assure Tarrant County families can move forward knowing they received justice and were treated fairly in the most difficult times.


Given the opportunity to serve, I will do my best for Tarrant County families to assist Tarrant County citizens in moving forward with dignity and respect.

Political Ad paid for by Elizabeth Rivera "The Right Choice" Campaign in compliance with voluntary limits of the Judicial Campaign Fairness Act.  Not paid for by taxpayers.  Louis "Bodie" Freeman, Treasurer